LoVid > Circuit Taco Fiesta!

We arrived at STEIM just in time for the Circuit Taco Fiesta – an all day workshop, where 12 participants built skin-voltage sensing instruments.

Some hadn’t built much hardware before, but they all worked, and everyone brought their own ideas into the design and use of these instruments. For example, some used fluffy cotton,

while others used a balloon or recycled food container.

It was also great to see so many different applications of the Circuit Tacos. Some people ran Tacos into computers while others plugged them into analog synths; some people added peripheral wires and others linked them up with metal bowls.

In the evening, Jonathan cooked up a delectable meal with burrito bar and margaritas. We even found some ice! People ate and drank and then participants got to perform short sets using their new instruments. We performed with our newest video synthesizer and were delighted to have a full set by Casperelectronics. Everyone had a blast and there was even some dancing!

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