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In August I had the opportunity to work at the STEIM studios for 4 days together with digital composer Jessica Aslan.
Jess and I met at a STEIM orientation workshop in May and made plans to work together more intensively in the future during that time.
I myself am a bass clarinetist looking into working with live electronics and Jess intends to develop herself more in the direction of composing for ‘classically trained musicians’. By intertwining our paths we get to learn from each other and move forward together.
During our residency we started working out several older pieces for bass clarinet and electronics from the 70s. Originally for analog electronics Jess and I built some first versions of Max/MSP patches to move those pieces to the digital domain.
By the end of the residency we had a working version of Intra by Ton Bruynèl. Written in 1971, it was great to experience playing this piece which is probably the first piece for bass clarinet and live electronics in history!
Composer David Dramm came by during our residency and we had a great time working with him on building a drum set out of bass clarinet sounds. I spent hours blowing, clicking and rattling my instrument and listening to what I would usually ignore while Jess placed mics in all kinds of unconventional positions.
The remainder of the time we spent on taking lots of bass clarinet samples for the piece Jess and I will be writing, talked a lot about basics of bass clarinet and basics of electronics. Since the residency I and Jess have been working a lot more on all that we got started at STEIM. In December we will continue our work together in Edinburgh, focusing this time on the piece for bass clarinet and live electronics that we are making together.
Look for MVG and Sonic Spaces to follow this project, previews are planned for April, concerts and workshops in New Zealand in May. #SSNNd
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