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For three years, I have been working intermittently on a violin solo with electronics. The premises of the project have changed a number of times, and the performing violinist has changed one time.  On December 18th, the piece will be performed in the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven at 14:00.  This is my first piece for traditional score and ‘tape’, which feels kind of retro, but it is a form as useful as others and is fascinating to work on. There are three movements perhaps suggestive of streams, virtual or found in landscapes:  1. Vortices 2. Serpentines 3. Riffles. Each part makes use of a limited number of techniques for the violin. The score came first and then I recorded it with Jellantsje de Vries, violin, in the studio at Steim and started to ponder the endless possibilities of how to transform the material. After weeks of cutting and pasting bits and pieces and experimenting with all kinds of editing, I made some mockups. This then caused me to revise the violin score drastically, which was a good thing. The coming together of the sound worlds commenced. That process is ongoing and its beginning to take on a usable form. I am using sound editors and basing the elecx in Logic. Jellantsje will have a foot switch, programmed through Junxion in Logic, to be able to move with some freedom from section to section, hopefully seamlessly. Daniel Schorno has been of great help with the sounds development and technical aspects of the work and I thank Steim once more for the opportunity to work in such an inspiring envoirnment! Also, Danny de Graan has been very helpful with his standalone Max patch for granular synthesis.

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