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I spent a lot of my time at STEIM experimenting with tools to reconfigure the way I work as a (primarily) visual artist. I was introduced to JunXion, LiSA, and then MetaSynth – and finally PD – Arduino, Wii, infrared LED …
The real revision in thinking came on the last day, all at once, and I wish I had another week – at least – to spin out what happened.
My work has strong relationships with drawing and chance-accident; and I work very directly. So the directness and drawing part of my interests were met when I was just playing with a contact mic … and then tried out Pure Data, which feels right as a basic software, even if challenging.

EHD's previous work

EHD 2009 - 2011 previous work

Later that day, by chance my video camera picked up this strobe effect stimulated by Pete Edwards’ synthesizer during a jam session, reflections of studio lights on the lamp bulb in the upper right corner …

It’s for purely visual content – Frank Mauceri’s recording attached in his blog post is much better for sound – it is the same session.  Below is a video still.  This is pretty direct – it would have been great to project that live. I haven’t produced anything in color for years ! And I didn’t do it alone, I really enjoyed and benefitted from the atmosphere of collaboration at STEIM – many thanks to my new friends.


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