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the analog drawing installation

photo:Lotte Stekelenburg

My work consist of layers, in the use of the mixed media, drawing, building installations, live constructions, performing, and playing with scale and creating a bond between reality and the imaginary world. These layers, developing from the performance are tools I use to express a story line which investigates, and actively pushes the audience to become a part of the work, raising the question of the ‘Here and Now’. In many of my installations and performances I start an interaction. I use paper or daily object to interact with the audience on a large screen,which is being projected. I will use this as a settling point for the viewer, this is a visual recognition there for the audience has settled into a passive state. I will arrange simple elements such as a bucket, a string, and a umbrella in the space of the performance.
Next week at Steim we are researching how to implement visual and sound manipulation. I will be working with Georgios Papadakis he has worked on ‘Max’ to adjust it to my idea of making a choir.
for example I make a Cut out with my face(mirror), you see me in a cut out and I make a sound. This is being recorded(filmed). After I project the samples all together on the screen. Here you get a multiple feeling of the cut out making sounds. a Choir has emerged.
Let’s see how it will go .

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