“I am Floating in a Room” sound installation by Pinar Temiz and Berit Janssen

Two members of STEIM’s research group are showing thier own sound installtion this week in Utrecht.

“I am Floating in a Room” is a sound installation which investigates the relationship of different spaces: public and private, outside and inside. 40 “bugs”, little microphones with FM transmitters, float through the room, suspended by balloons. Their signals are picked up by eight radios, modified and redistributed to eight channels. The speaker array forms an inner space, which represents the outer space through which the bugs travel in a different way.

The installation can be visited in the Nicolaikerk in Utrecht on March 4th, starting 10 pm 8pm.
Festival Nieuwe Muziek in de Klaas

Collaborating artists: Pinar Temiz, Berit Janssen
Technical support: Stock
Additional support: STEIM, HKU

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