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Karolina Bater/Recorder, Karin Preslmayr/Viola da Gamba, Goska Isphording/Harpsichord

During the residency at STEIM april 7th-10th 2010 the trio worked on two compositions which involved electronics.  The electronic parts for both pieces were created using SuperCollider and were triggered live during the performance synchronizing the trio with the electronic musical materials.

In the case of Yannis Kyriakides’ “Discophaisto” the materials were made in SuperCollider using samples from a vintage drum machine, the Roland TR-808.  The software was used to generate patterns for each cue, these were then recorded and played back in Abelton live. In Henry Vega’s “Slow slower” the electronic musical material was based on samples from the trio itself.  The materials were generated as streams that varied in texture from glitch like versions of the instruments to pure sinusoidal tones creating a pallet of density over which the tension of the piece unfolded.

In both cases the electronic performer follows the acoustic performers giving them the freedom to mold the tempo as they would naturally with a purely acoustic composition.

There is also a sample of the STEIM rehearsal at:

Thank you to STEIM also for providing the technical equipment for our concert in the Bethanienklooster on september 19th.

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