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Thanks to the very generous crew at STEIM we were able to explore performative aspects of our music, as a tour in Norway was about to take place. During the past months we have finished recording new materials for Lumisokea, working together in such a way we never did before; recording unusual acoustic instruments (pipe organs, harmonium, prepared piano, aux. percussion, etc) on top of electronics layers made with customized patches and accurate sound design.  Cutting things up and reorganizing the material following principles which come from contemporary classical music , song-writing and visual arts composing.
The result was very satisfying and Koenraad mixed it himself. In the meanwhile we found a label ( and the record will be released coming spring both on vinyl and cd-r.
The work at STEIM was focused on figuring out how to reproduce on the fly in a live performance – making use of improvisation – these new sounds we had the time to compose accurately. We recorded loads of samples from prepared piano, harmonium, percussion and organized them in a sampler. That gave us the freedom of using these sounds we really like without needing a piano in the venue and without having the usual endeavor of amplifying  the acoustic instruments in order to have them on top of the already loud electronics layers. Now life is much easier and this avoids a lot of stress before a performance.
Besides, we both took our time to organize and select the electronics we wanted to use, their color, their function and so on,  narrowing down our band sound. The main thing was to ‘prepare’ our electronic devices (I use a monomachine and Koenraad runs MAX/MSP, Ableton Live and Super Collider) for when you are performing and need immediacy on stage.
We both have an improvised music background and eventually we figured that improvising using similar sounds to the recordings was the best option for our future live shows. And I can say that it’s indeed working and it’s a lot of fun too!
So, big thanks to STEIM for welcoming and hopefully we’ll visit them for another full-immersion residency!
Listen to a sample : Priano preview
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