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During my residency at STEIM I was able to work on real-time electronics with vocalist Anat Spiegel and percussionist Bart de Vrees for a group of short pieces entitled Worm Songs.  The electronics were made in SuperCollider and are meant to be performed live and in consort with the other musicians following a score of sequenced materials for each performer.  The score is, to a degree, open in the sense that it provides material to be performed rather than measures and strict rhythms.  The inspiration for the score comes from SuperCollider itself where at the most basic level in SC materials where turned on and off.  In this way the instruments start, stop or change their material suggested by the score rehearsing not only the balance in the trio but the length of time spent on each cue.

More information about the Worm Songs at: http://www.henryvega.net/music/wormsongs.php

The following video was created around the same time as the residency with Emmanuel Flores creating the visuals:

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