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On 9, 10 and 11 November we started our residency at STEIM, which we will continue from the 29th of this month till the 7th of December.
We use Studio 1 as a practice space for the preparation of a performance entitled the Young Shaman Perspective.
With this project we’re exploring new ways of presenting visual arts and performing music, in an attempt to give new value to cultural noise that is growing ever more complex because of the internet and the effect it has on our tastes.
Currently the group consists of 7 Art students from different international backgrounds. The members are:
-Rubin van Kooyk, founder of the project and final year student at the Audiovisual Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.
-Caetano Carvalho, also a final year student at the Audiovidual Department of the GRA.
-Julien Debey, a third year student at the Audiovisual Department of the GRA.
-Joakim Drescher, a second year student at the Department of Fine Arts at the GRA.
-Toru Fujimoto, a final year student at the Department of Fine Arts at the GRA.
-Younes Riad, a second year Sonology student of the Royal Conservatory in the Hague.
-Rutger Muller, a Bachelor student of Music at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology.
The Young Shaman Perspective celebrates complexity by means of creating a ceremony. Through this ceremony we aim to create the experience of a contemplated physicality of the complexity of the internet, to prompt all the senses.
We will perform this ceremony around an audiovisual installation. With a wide variety of interests ranging from traditional folk music to electro-acoustic instruments; from occultism to the study of Internet phenomena, we hope to find a balance between using technology and the human body; between calculating sound and feeling music.
The performance will be held on the 20th December in Studio 3 and two days later on the 22nd at the WEI in Eindhoven. (

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