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OK – we are not known for writing in blogs, but in fear of appearing on STEIMs B-favourite list, here are some lines – excuse our functional business english.
Coming to STEIM for the second residency – we worked here on our first CD “deleted scenes” in 2008 – is great. What can we say. “Sorry, don´t expect any mails within the next two weeks. We are lost in studio 1.”
The plan is to work on some compositions that we prepared for electronics and guitar – rough material that we got from our weekly rehearsals and improvisations in Cologne. This material should get the core of the new CD – this time however we want to structure the materials much more than before, and use the experience from the improvisations to build some forms.
After setting up at the studio and listening back to the rehearsals we are not very happy. Most of the stuff was exciting when playing it, but does not seem very promising for further exploration. Anyway we stick to the plan, and end up in some blind alleys, absurd discussions and Dutch nightcafes.
During these days we also meet Jeff Kaiser and Gregory Tailor who are working in the other studio and seem to be done with their CD-recordings within 3 days. … We play a split-gig with them and Lesley Flanigan at STEIM, using some of the material we brought from Cologne – good to play. Here we also meet David Schwarz who is our neighbour at the STEIM guesthouse, writing a book on digital arts.
However – an excursion to Müller Music with it´s fabulous collection of percussion instruments, effect pedals and other stuff should change the whole situation in the studio. We leave some money there and get back to STEIM with a profound collection of little drums, toy-flutes, indonesian kalimbas and other obscure idiophones. After one week of fighting we finally found our rhythm of sleep, work and walk across Amsterdam. We start recording and rerecording all our little friends. Since we cannot play them properly we do it how we do it and overdub one track over the other as long as the capacity of our old laptop allows it. There is a critical mass, where the whole thing starts to groove… “Studio 1 … you`re the only one … for me”
So the second week we change the whole conception of the album, finish the recording sessions after spending nearly 100 hours at studio 1, hang out with Sam Pluta who arrived at the guesthouse, and are having a Terry-Gilliam-expierence with Taku at a Dutch open-air theatre festival.
The two weeks are over at speed of light – here we are anxious to get back to Cologne to do all the mixing (feels like approximately 400tracks) and answer all the emails.
All the best to STEIM – hope to see you soon and THANK YOU A LOT,
Marion and Maciej
aka PIRX

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