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I left my a-bit-more-than-a-week residency at Steim and it felt so hard in the beginning. The feeling has reminded me of the Terre Thaemlitz talk at the Elevate festival, regarding issues and responsibilities when it comes to the feelings of people after they’ve experienced Burning Man.
Although Steim is on the on the other side of the hedonistic approach, or maybe just because of that, I had those weird thoughts the following days.
Funny enough, I left my suitcase across from Steim’s guesthouse – and that was possible because Kristy, a modern witch girl, or the Modern Witch girl, she was giving a talk about the witch house microgenre, dubbed by a Colorado based artist – Pictureplane.
My week at Steim was, at the beginning, very relaxed, until I started to meet all the “knowledge workers” there, usually one by one, day by day.
The initial reason why I eventually (and after (too) many years) finally applied is called “Sound Hunt” (more about it soon – watch this space), which is the next step in my three year long work with kids. It’s going to be a cross between workshop, game, improvisation and composition (sorry for this one, but i guess when there are certain “instructions” it has to be a composition?).
Since it’s going to be the first time I use controllers as a part of the whole interface, I couldn’t have come to a better place, where so many ideas, doubts, and problems were examined and deepened and/or solved in one-on-one discussion forms.
The timing, and my (in the beginning) vague proposal had its limits, so the final hardware/software test will eventually happen in the coming month(s).
On top of that, I had a great time working in one of the studios, editing and recording files, which will sooner or later reach the servers.
I am looking forward to the next chapter in my approach to sound – and I’m not happy to say that it will have to include some software (LiSa + junXion), but if it doesn’t crash too often and the actual results prove to be worth of using this specific setup – I will have to remain silent.
Kids will be loud anyway, we know that.

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