Some experimental electro-acoustic goodness this week in Amsterdam

More good stuff happening in the city this week. You should go see Tatsuya Nakatani if you haven’t before. He is one of the most impressive and engaging percussion players out there. He will be playing a duo with bassist Peter Jacquemyn at OT301 on Monday, Oct 25. STEIM will be collaborating more with the new OT301 music and dance progamming team in the following months.

On Wednesday, Oct 27 STEIM supported project Robert van Heumen / Gareth Davis duo will be playing at Tabula Rasa series in Maarten Luther Kerk. The performances start at 20:30. Also that night current Orientation participant DJ Dubble8 will be performing with local musicians at OT301. Go to both!

Tatsuya Nakatani solo

Dierker/Alcorn/Spangler trio

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