Matt Wakefield > Orientation Workshop106 // Thoughts about the second day

We had our second workshop session yesterday, both were incredibly fulfilling. The first lecture with Frank Baldé was a really good start to the day, we were introduced to JunXion by a clear expert, he gave a very coherent demonstration of its flexibility in assinging a wide range of devices to automate and trigger. Its clear it can be a very useful device for achieving greater communication with interactivity, I am looking forward to seeing further ways this program can be applied to performance.
The second talk had a polar opposite approach to the use of technology available here at steim in relation to what I had encountered previously, and was taken by Kristina Andersen. She is focused on making the complicted, uncomplicated. A lot of the points she raised were a positive slap in the face for me, especially her advice on the benefits of visualizing your ideas before you get stuck into technology too much. Its so easy for people who do not intend to get bogged down with gaining more technical knowledge, and FAST! To find themselves in that very position! I do this a lot and I am constantly aware that I could be wasting alot of time away from my aim/performance, I really feel that is something I need to think more about during my time here.
Later on we had a chance to see Rob Van Heuman play at a local church with Gareth Davis, followed by Erik Spangler, a fellow Orientation Workshop Participant, playing at 0T301 with an ensemble. I was impressed by the subtlety in which Rob complemented the musician he was working with and how they filled the church with a rich ambience. Erik’s ensemble performance was a great watch, there was a really wide dynamic range with the choice of instruments and their playing, quality improvising with a thick rich texture! Both performances were a great experience and performed passionately, they definitely got the creative juices flowing! My workshop housemates and I, with the inclusion of a female bassoonist that Erik played with at 0T301 (and maybe others tbc..) will be having an improvised live session on friday evening in the studios here at Steim, so thats definitely something to look forward too!

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