Andreas Otto > Fello Development // Augmented Bow Revision 2

In September 2010 I returned to STEIM for a condensed week of work on the Fello system.
Fello = Cello + Computer + Accelerometer on the Bow
STEIM’s engineer Jun built a new motion control interface for my cello bow, which is a wireless Arduino solution, much preferred over the original prototype, a re-egineered Wiimote. Bluetooth is a pain.
The new interface consists of a small circuit board, an accelerometer and a small rechargeable LI battery that fits perfectly onto the frog of my bow. The ergonomics are great. Thanks so much, Jun!
Some rescaling of the sensor data was necessary in my junXion patch, but the tables and the autoscale features of the software helped a lot here, no problem at all.
DJ Sutsche from Hamburg joined me in Studio1 for 3 days, and we prepared our Sutsche & Fello live-set for the de:sonanz festival in Skopje (Oct 7 2010). Inspired by the STEIM vibes in the studio he even scratched his records -though he’s so techno – and came up with nice beats out of his pitched-down maxis. That was some amazing Dub sound and fun to improvise with.
For the next three months I’ll carry my cello and the Fello system through India and will play gigs/ do workshops together with the Indian DJ Prashant Pallemoni. This new Fello setup looks much more stable than the previous Wii setup, as it never loses the data connection as it happens with the bluetooth every now and then (especially with big audiences who leave their bluetooth phones switched on…). This one will be a reliable fellow for the trip.
Photos 1-4 by Theo Howard, Photo 5 by airport security in Dubai