John Toenjes > Orientation #105 // First Time in the Studio

My first post of this workshop week… After a thought provoking afternoon session with Taku, I finally am in the studio. I’ve been thinking about my aesthetic this week, and about what an instrument should be for me. What has become clear, both through Taku’s and others’ talks this week, is that my instrument should be just that—an instrument that reflects, amplifies and goes with my way of approaching improvising music. So I’d been developing a list of requirements, writing them down as a future design map. But now I’m in the studio, just jamming with the couple of tools I’m limiting myself to (rudimentary knowledge of LiSa and junXion, my voice, a beat-up drum, and a wii controller). In here, I am feeling how liberating it is, from the point of view of instrument design, to just play around, and then observe how the concept of “my instrument” grows organically out of how I approach playing music (with the tools at my disposal), and also be sensitive to the limitations or constraints I feel as I use these tools.

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