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The Orientation Workshop at STEIM has led to many ideas not only about utilizing digital hardware and software in performances, but about theory of music, instruments, and their relationship with societies. The following are questions I am asking when considering my own musical endeavors:
Instruments, Society

  • What is an Instrument?
  • Is it important for artists to be involved with the instrumental technology?
  • Do art institutions promote an idea or aesthetic, and to what degree?
  • What is the role of the social body in the idea, funding, creation, practice and reproduction of individuals’ artistic expressions and aesthetic endeavors?
  • Can performance be an expression of social responsibility, identifying the importance of others in the creative process?
  • Is instrumentation a connective tissue between the Creator and its Creations?
  • What is the connective tissue between the Creator and its immediate Society?

The Idea and The Real

  • Is it rewarding? (project, music, process, etc.)
  • What is the relevance?
  • How do you find voice? voicings?
  • How do you get inside the now, the sound, the object?
  • What do you do when there is no Idea on stage? (have options)
  • How can emotional expression be preserved in a quantized environment?
  • Does sound have to be eventually analog to reach us?

Erich Steiger

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