New: audio excerpts and video footage in the Events Archive

At STEIM we are constantly working on improving our website. The events archive pages are now extended with audio excerpts and video footage. Many thanks to Carlos Vaquero who listened to all the recordings and made these excerpts.

Of course this events archive is never complete, so please help and point us to footage that might be online somewhere and that’s missing here. Also, if you’ve performed at STEIM and your work is in this archive, let us know if there are any flaws we might have missed.

Last: since Carlos’ internship is finished, we’re looking for other people who might be interested in taking up this job. As we’re pretty up to date now, the work is not that much, just a couple of hours after each concert. We’re looking for someone familiar with the kind of music that happens at STEIM, someone with good ears. Experience with multitrack software is a requirement.

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