Yannis Kyriakides > Disco Debris @ MHKA

Here are some pictures from the Antwerp show of Disco Debris. Unlike the Amiens installation which was up for 3 months, and had to be self-maintaining, i.e I couldn’t use wireless headphones because they would have required too much caretaking, the Antwerp show was just one day as part of Champ d’Action’s Time Canvas event. For this one I had the chance to expirement with how the piece worked with headphones, with an LED on the headphones (thanks Jun !).
While the tracking was more sensitive in the dark gallery space in Antwerp, because the light source was more focused (as opposed to the 4 theatre lights in Amiens ). The visual impact of the space was less impressive and therefore in some way there was less dialogue between the space and the sound.
In both cases one thing I’ve realised from the installation is to keep things very simple. In the art world as opposed to the music world, an audience is not used to sound abstraction, and need as much help as possible in terms of representational material. One also does not have a captive audience, and what that means for the interactivity is that  one has to look for the most transparent cause and effects of the movement while maintaining some kind of narrativite engagement to keep the audience in the space.
this was a real eye-opener for me about translating ideas from the concert hall to the gallery..

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