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STEIM has been collaborating for a while now with artist Richard Scott on the development of his electronic instrument, the WiGi. Richard wrote an interesting article on the instrument.

The author and WiGi at the Next Festival Bratislava 2009. Photo © Judith Goodman.

Getting WiGi with It:

Performing and Programming with an Infrared Gestural Instrument: A Case Study

by Richard Scott


I offer an account of working with the Buchla Lightning MIDI controller and of the expansion of the instrument into the “WiGi” system, using Nintendo Wii-motes, JunXion and LiSa software, and made with the support and collaboration of STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music). I will emphasise my background as an instrumentalist and consider some of its practical consequences for the project. I outline the various stages of development which have led to an expanded, fully functional performing instrument, and highlight some of the questions and decisions which occurred over a period of five years. I consider some æsthetic and other questions which arise from the process, some limitations of the system and my plans for its future development. Finally, I outline the various functions of the current instrument, the issues of mapping, scaling, buffers and illustrate my use of it.
You can read the whole story here.

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