Walter Fabeck with Nina Silvert > 'Gaia' Movement-sensing Instrument

Blog post no.1!!! Back in Amsterdam, tonight we’re giving the first performance using our recently developed ‘Gaia’ instrument, at the Music Conservatory. We’ve made three short pieces which form interludes in Kingston University London’s choral mixed-media piece taking place simultaneously here and at Kingston (and live online).
Development of the ‘Gaia’ project started in January, which has so far involved two short but fruitful trips to STEIM and many hours in my London workspace. In the February visit I had very useful mentoring and advice on both conceptual and practical issues from Robert, Daniel and Takuro. During the second visit in April I worked with Frank to really get up to speed with JunXion, finding out how to effectively condition and interpret Nina’s martial arts based movements via 4 Wii-motes (one per limb!) using Ableton Live as the audio engine. During a STEIM lunch I had further orientation from Kristina regarding the methodology of motion-sensing and the very pertinent advice “not to let her (Nina) become just an operator” which we’ve taken on board!
It’s been quite a steep learning curve and there have many technical and procedural issues to address, not least the reliability of Bluetooth.. I’m going to post some more detail soon about the development stages, retrospectively, as well as keeping the blog up to date about where things go from here. We’re looking at tonight as a great chance to get a first public airing on a project which feels full of potential. We’re over here with Ben Horwood from Kingston University whose doing the live feed tonight. Just going over to the Conservatorium now having checked out the wiis and weblink over breakfast in the STEIM guesthouse!!
More soon…

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