Sean Williams > why am I here?

My interests have recently been resulting in the production  of Euro format synth modules based on recreating some of the processing and performance tools of Stockhausen and King Tubby. I’ve built a recreation of Tubby’s “Big Knob” hi-pass filter and am also working on testing a design by Laurie Biddulph of a capacitative keyboard based on the Serge design:
sean_filter_small trk_bottom_large
Some of the discussion so far has related performance with design. Here’s a short video of me performing the design/manufacture process of the TRK:

TRK soldering from Sean Williams on Vimeo.
So I’m here at STEIM to get a clearer idea of better ways to approach my design for performance by talking to people, learning about what already works, discussing ideas and playing music with new people.

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