Claudia Robles > Orientation November 2009

During the Orientation week I had a good opportunity to use the Software/Hardware developed at STEIM, and I was inspired by the whole experience to continue my research about the relationship between the human body and digital devices, how they can interact and communicate.
I am particularly interested in the use of bio-data in real time media.  Until know I have experimented with two kinds of body interfaces: an EMG (electromyogram) interface  and with an EEG (electroencephalogram) interface to obtain bio-data in order to create new forms of performance on the stage or new forms of relations between machine, body and space.
As a result of these two experiments, I created two performances using real time media (Max/MSP/Jitter): Seed/Tree and INsideOUT.
Following this research of interaction in between bio data and real time media (sound and video),  I would like to explore the body- temperature and the GSR (galvanic skin response) sensors to create a new form of relation between machine and body.
As a result of this research, I would like to create an installation where the visitor’s skin and body temperature, will be measured. The values received will be transmitted to a computer and will be used to create the sound and the images that will be projected, making the visitor create his/her own environment.
I’m currently looking for information and researching about …  and I hope that soon I will have a clearly idea about the instrument I would like to built.

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