George Cremaschi > No Sugar mix

Well, seeing as how we’re nearing the one-year anniversary of the event, I should finally post it here…..
In early April of last year, I was in Amsterdam for a few days at the end of a long tour with KRK (Matthew Ostrowski and me). I was soon to begin another long tour, this one with No Sugar, an electroacoustic duo with the wonderful and amazing Liz Allbee, and had recently nearly finished assembling our disc “Bitter Pill”, 13 tracks taken from recordings made the year before in Oakland, California. What was needed was final mixing, sequencing and mastering. I contacted Robert and he informed me that the STEIM studios were full, but that he’d set me up with monitors and a mixer in the conference room, and that was good enough for me. I was already beyond familiar with the recordings, having done an enormous amount of editing and reworking of the material, trying to make a coherent whole out of some rather disparate elements. So a simple set-up in a simple room worked out quite fine. I spent two long days in that sunny room, and came away with something that, though I couldn’t listen to it objectively at all for quite some time afterward, holds up nicely now – listening recently, I could finally actually hear it, and I think it’s good. At least, an accurate portrait of our music. Thanks again to my gracious hosts Robert and Nico, hope to see you again soon!

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