STEIM is being featured at this year’s Club Transmediale Festival in Berlin!


Together with the festival we have co-produced the following programs:
Sunday, Jan 30 : Magic Machine Workshop by Kristina Andersen
Wednesday, Feb 3 : Defining your own instrument, lecture by Takuro Mizuta Lippit
Wednesday, Feb 3 : Interface and Instrument-Design – How Technology Affects Music, discussion with Takuro Mizuta Lippit / Robert Henke / Yutaka Makino / Christopher Salter / Moderation: Tony Herrington
Thursday, Feb 4 : EXTENDED ECLECTICS, concert by Alex Nowitz / dj sniff / Justin Bennett / TokTek
Friday, Feb 5 : Connect – Map – Music, expert workshop by Frank Baldé & Takuro Mizuta Lippit

for full program and venues go to the festival website

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