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In 2005 Anat Spiegel and I went with Manuela Tessi to a wonderful artist residency in Czech Rep called Cesta. At this month residency with artists from all over the world, we saw a performance by an electronic musician named Matthew Ostrowski. He was using an old video game controller called a P5 to manipulate sound with Max/MSP. This informal performance spawned the beginning of a thought process about the interface of electronic music, and the sounding result.
3 yrs later, the electronic duo Controllar came to be, borne out of desire to create electronic pop music with human expression. After a long development process, the first performance of Controllar occurred in Theater Kikker in Utrecht in 2008 resulting in a 3 month tour through the United States. After performing for a year on this original setup, we came to know the borders of what is possible- and our desire to push these borders further grew enormously. That’s where STEIM came in the picture. We were looking for a place to provide the space- but more importantly the technical and artistic support we needed to develop our instrument, our sound, our band further.
As I write this we are sitting in a friends apartment in Pittsburgh PA before our show in Garfield Artworks amidst our 2nd “American Tour”. Thanks to the incredible support from STEIM during our 2 weeks in November/December, we’re reaching a performance level we didn’t dare to consider 3 months ago.
Thomas Myrmel

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