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During the introduction course at the STEIM institute my main focus was to see if there where possibilities to use the STEIM knowledge for my future works.

In the summer of 2010 I hope to get my masters degree in Interactive Media and Environments at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, the Netherlands. My final work will a series of hand build instruments (guitar, harp, violin and drums) with buttons and sensory attached. The sensor data will be send to a computer or another piece of hardware for live sampling purposes. So my special attention went out to the LiSa X and junXion programs as well as the support STEIM might give me developing these instruments.

At the Frank Mohr Institute I was working with Max/MSP a lot, the advantage of this program over the STEIM software might be the expansiveness, something useful when trying out lots of things. But on the other hand I’d rather work with LiSa X and junXion, it seems more reliable and a lot faster, besides that it a more ‘single-use’ program which makes it easier to comprehend. I think it will be a valuable addition to my set-up and I will surely consider using it when I had a Mac computer. The fact that it doesn’t work on windows or linux (yet) might be a reason to switch OS in the future.

The examples of instruments (partly) build and developed at STEIM really gave me a good feeling about asking for help in the near future, I think they can really help me out in all aspects of my work, like thinking of conditions for sampling functions, building sturdy instruments and developing the hardware part.

I had a good and inspiring time at STEIM and hope to stop by every now and then for concerts and I hope to do a collaborative thing in the future.

Kasper van Hoek

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