Teun de Lange > Interactive Music Area 51.180012,4.414798

An interactive music area is a place where sound induces sound in specific rhythms and harmonic relations. The system indicates the difference between silence and sound and shows the pitch in colours. Due to the use of pentatonic scales and measured repetitions a visitor/user is likely to experience his or her own input as music …
The interactive system is based on the Jazzperiments Jam technology partly developed at STEIM in October 2007. The installation on the picture – Interactive Music Area 51.180012,4.414798 – is a ‘mobile’ version, set up near the Yayoi sculpture of Corey McCorkle in Middelheim Museum on 7 January 2010 (sound of wind, birds and distant airplanes).

Interactive Music Area 51.211140,4.389929

During Time Canvas 2010 (7 March) in M HKA Antwerp a larger installation will be set up: Interactive Music Area 51.211140,4.389929.

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