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Finally got to work on my blog.
It was great to get a hands on approach with the technology available at Steim and it was awe inspiring to learn of just a fraction of the possibilities on offer with interface technology. In between recording my work, I want to develop my idea of a a musical interface using a carved wooden chessboard as a controller. I felt that with using current console technology was too obvious. Why not make something elegant and simple which would engage with the full gestures of the body. I need to think about sensors. It could be scaled for portability and can be carried anywhere.
The movement of each specific (vertical, horizontal, sliding) piece will determine the outcome of the output signal. I have a long way to go with the idea, but I am willing to research its potential. I think such a set up would be perfect for the new versions of Lisa and Junxion at Steim. First of all, I have to think about concrete elements in hardware/software electronics. This blog will keep a record of my progress.

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