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We are thrilled to be working at STEIM in Amsterdam at this moment creating sounds for the Salton Sea Project. STEIM has provided us with a wonderful large studio and a number of great vintage synthesizers. The Crackle Synthesizer is the most exciting instrument we could possibly hope to have as an addition to this. Its unpredictable nature always surprises in an almost organic way. In a few weeks we hope to have a couple of sound clips up on our website ( ). On November 4th at 8:30 (eve) we will have a short Live presentation at STEIM if anyone is around in Amsterdam please drop by. It has an element of nostalgia for Truus since she worked extensively with the Crackle 30 years ago while in several bands both here and the US. Since Michel Waisvisz passed suddenly away she wanted to do something as an homage, a memory or just an expression of joy of having known and collaborated with the Crackle master himself. It is uncanny how perfectly it fits into our Salton Sea concept.

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