Kasia Glowicka > sound and visuals project Turbulence

during my residency I worked on project Quasi Rublev:
harpsichord – Goska Isphording
video – Roos Theuws
and project Turbulence:
composition /laptop – Kasia Glowicka
visuals/ laptop – Emmanuel Flores
The project Turbulence is inspired by physical phenomenon – it’s force, unpredictability and it’s complexity. Visual soundscapes are pulsating, developing into an abstract narrative that is driven by physical models of turbulence and the growing dramaturgy of the music. From simple the complex and forceful is emerging, growing by multilayered complexity in space and time. And when it’s coming into multidisciplinary field it becomes an extended experience. It’s about visualizing the sound that gives the audience possibility to immerse into that new reality.
The mini virtual realities are formed, with its‘ own physicality and logic and the audience is drown into those audio-visual spaces and the abstract narrative of music and visuals give the spectator imaginative story that will be solely individual. Much like in the work of Gustav Deutsch, where old movies are cut into loosely connected scenes, that put into a new sequence become new stories in each of the spectators’ individual interpretations. Here the viewer gives narrative that is achieved thru formal processes and that is going into a “forbidden” layer that is only apparent at the end. The nature of it is based on association and contemplation.
click here for video of Turbulence
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Picture 1
Picture 1

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