Ulla Rauter > Glissando at the Orientation

The most important aspect of my orientation week at STEIM was the vivid exchange between everybody as well as the inspiring impulses – both, the technical and the artistic ones. Moreover I got the opportunity to discuss and adapt my work “Glissando” – a violin bow with copper strings which I play on my skin, using the electric conduction of the skin and its changes as a controller of sounds (http://netzspannung.org/database/436195/de). During the dialogues and spontanous playing sessions I realized that I can enlarge the musical range of my instrument without using additional devices  (which I prefer to avoid)  by making the software more “intelligent” and sensitive to my kind of playing and the reactions of my skin’s conduction.
Glissando Performance
I am really looking forward to putting into practice all these ideas and suggestions that I got here, and for sure I keep a prospective collaboration in mind.

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