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This was my second visit at Steim, and this time i had the opportunity to do the introduction workshop. Junxion was the software that got me in to working with HID devices around 2005 (ver1.4) and it was amazing to see how much Junxion has been developed  in version 4.
I am regular user of max/msp, so it was really interesting to learn how Lisa could be used in live setups. I was inspired by the live sampling possibilities and i am going to explore that more back in my own studio. I will ofcourse still be using max/msp, but I think Lisa will be a great tool for me when it comes to improvisation with other musicians.
Upcoming project
During the week I’ve got lots of ideas, specially for an instrument of mine that I would like to develop further at Steim.
At this point the instrument is basically a 1.5 meter long metal tube with a wireless hacked to have piezo instead of the microphone capsule inside. The audio signal from the piezo goes in to max/msp, that can recognize amplitude changes when i tap the tube with rings on my fingers or smash/drag it on the floor. The original idea was to analyze the frequency spectra to detect different kinds of audio manipulation, but since the tube has its own resonance frequency that was not possible.
Future ideas
I would like to develop the tube further since I like the idea about a very simple object (without visible buttons etc) as an interface. I would like to actually measure physical gestures that i do with the tube to change parameters in real time. A good start for this will be to experiment with a Wii remote taped to the tube and start working with the accelerometers. That work will start back in my studio, and i plan to return to Steim when i got the idea more worked out, and when I have got a bit more used to Lisa and Junxion.
I would like to thank everybody at Steim for inviting me for the second time, and being so friendly and helpful. I am so inspired everytime i leave Steim, and i am looking forward to develop my ideas further together with Steim.

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