Jorge Isaac > multimedia installation FUZZ

concept: Jorge Isaac

music: Roderik de Man, Marcel Wierckx
video: Marcel Wierckx

producer: Visisonor Foundation
year composition: 2009
length: 7 minutes

FUZZ is a multisensory work based on the subjectivity of perception.

Movement, patterns, links, contrast, vision, feeling, hearing and logic: they are all parameters of prime significance for human perception. In FUZZ, each parameter represents a particular expression. Depending upon an individual’s background, imagination or emotional state, it will evoke a different meaning or emotion.

FUZZ features a sequence of five scenarios, each with its own aesthetic and poetics. Electronic sounds, energetic and deeply layered music, computer generated images and 3D video projection, immerse the spectator in an abstract and imaginary world for seven minutes.

FUZZ has been made possible thanks to the support of the Netherlands Fund for Performing Arts (NFPK+) and STEIM.

Wear your Anaglyph (red-cyan) 3D Glasses to see this image!

FUZZ can be presented as a multisensory installation, or as an audiovisual work in concert halls, theatres or cinemas.

The multisensory installation can be placed in many different venues, such as exposition spaces, weekend festivals, museums, listening rooms, a.o. The piece lasts 7 minutes and it is repeated as long as necessary.

The set has a triangle form. The frame is made of aluminum, covered by black textile (fireproof). The inside is covered by sound isolation foam. The maximum capacity of the installation is 3 visitors at the same time. The video is projected by a 120 cm High Definition LCD screen. The audience should wear standard Anaglyph (red-cyan) 3D Glasses in order to see the 3D images and a headphone for the audio.

A small table with a laptop, audio and midi interfaces are placed next to the installation for its operation. The size of the installation is 350 x 300 x 250 cm (BxLxH). We provide all the necessary equipment. We just need a power connection (220V) close to the area where the installation will be placed.

The audiovisual version is ideal for large screens (cinemas) or multiple screen presentations. The audio playback is in 5.1 Surround. The audience should wear standard Anaglyph (red-cyan) 3D Glasses in order to see the 3D images.

During our residence in STEIM, all the concepts and ideas towards the installation got concrete shape and definition. As usual, STEIM provides a extremely friendly and inspiring atmosphere for hard work. Having a studio 24 hours at your disposal, with all the gear you need is just fantastic! Many thanks to the STEIM crew for all their support.

The premiere of the installation took place in Amsterdam during the Toonzetters/Uitmarkt Festival (August 30th, 2009) and the version with sound isolation during the Gaudemaus Muziekweek Festival (September 12th, 2009). Both dates were very successful, the installation received visitors non-stop from 13:00 to 23:00 hrs, counting about 130 visitors a day.

Contact information:
For further information and touring dates, please contact the Visisonor Foundation:
PO Box 22021
1302 CA Almere
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)6 344 355 48

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