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My relation with STEIM previously was based on periodically attending life performances by varies sound artists and musicians working in the experimental field of life electronics, and a vigorous appreciation and curiosity about a specific sonority of the type of music being performed at STEIM.
As a composer and improvising musician, I work a lot with acoustic instruments and life electronics, and always looking for new sound sources that expand traditional abilities of the instruments.
I heard a lot about specific software being developed at STEIM (Lisa), as well as a broad research in using various sensors in life-electronic context. Basically for me, it was the time to get acquainted with STEIM’s current developments and to get practical and helpful guidance from STEIM lecturers, which the Orientation Workshop came to be about.
It gave me a full overview and very deep and detailed introduction (ready to go) to Lisa and Junxion, as well as hands-on guidance using sensors, which gave whole another perspective on theatrical aspect of performing act, inspired and supported some of the already existed musical ideas of mine, which were waiting for its possible technical realization for a while.
Thanks again to STEIM’s warm and welcoming atmosphere during the workshop.
I am definitely looking forward to continue my relationship with STEIM on deeper level, using their expertize in life-electronics.
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