Orientation. How do you do? What do you do?

This week we’ll have another Orientation at STEIM. These Orientations are a very good introduction into STEIM, and enables both the participants and STEIM to get to know eachother a bit better.

Orientations are held roughly once every 2 months, and last one week. Up to 4 participants are selected to study and explore the possible technical and artistic means available at STEIM for a potential future project. This will be achieved partly through lectures by the educational department of STEIM, partly through collaboration between the participants, and partly through (informal) contact with the STEIM staff regarding specific requirements and wishes of each participant.

This week’s Orientation has quite a big group of participants:

  • Chris Willes: an artist and musician based in Toronto
  • Wataru Shoji: majoring Electronic Music at Tokyo National University of the Arts
  • Aliona Yurtsevich: developing a new project with self-made acoustic instrument(s) and live electronics
  • Ricky Graham: PhD research student from Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • John King: working on a project for improvisational electric guitar music within the context of spatial audio
  • Steve Shaw: a British composer of contemporary music focused on the aesthetics of sound

If you’re interested in one of these Orientations, check our workshop schedule to see the upcoming ones, and apply for it after reading our project application procedure.

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