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Feb 5 & 6 I was working in STEIM with the Amstel Quartet, on the piece “The Bailout” which I am writing with Ties Mellema. The Bailout is a piece for the Saxophone quartet and LiSa / JunXion, inspired by the history of the auto industry in Detroit and the “auto bailout” by the US government. It will première March 20th in a concert that I am doing with the Amstel Quartet in the Detroit Institute of Arts.
In the first part the saxophones trigger text fragments from opponents and advocates of the bailout plan such as Rush Limbaugh, George W. Bush, Obama and Rick Wagener, the CEO of GM, and excerpts from films about Detroit from the twenties and sixties describing Detroit and its Auto industry. This is done by using the audio input of JunXion to generate midi notes that are send to LiSa, in a way that one of the saxophones interrupts whatever text is already been triggered by one of the other saxophones. In this way the instruments “talk” and “discuss” with each other. The second and third part I am playing myself using the Wiimote and the Korg Kaoss Pad (as midi ctrl), the saxophones play notes that are based on the melody of the text / speakers, and of manipulations that I made with LiSa using an old filmscore. The idea is that in the first part the text is clearly audibale as an important part of the composition, gradually during the piece text becomes less prominent and in the end there is only music. Getting the levels at the mics, in the soundcard and in JunXion was a very time consuming but important part of the work and I was happy to have to time and advice that was provided by STEIM.
Thank you Frank for the help with my patch!

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