Sabine Vogel > foot- and arm controller for a fluteplayer

During my stay at STEIM from 11th to 17th of august I did research on gamecontrollers. I was looking for a way of controlling LiSa while playing the flute plus beeing able to stand while using controllers. In this case I found the dancemat quite interesting for me. It has 8 buttons, a y- and x – axis, but it’s too big, you have to make too big movements and the material is not very solid.
For controlling volume and pitch I will use the sensors of a wii nunchuk, that will be fixed somewhere at my hand or wrist. The ideal position I still have to figure out. The two buttons of the nunchuk can be fixed on my index so I’m able to press them while playing the flute.
The future plan for my second residence week in November is, to deconstruct a wireless joystick, using the buttons and put them on a small board, so that I’m able to press them easily while standing. Another goal will be to make the controller on the hand a little bit more solid than it is now.
During my stay I also got very useful lessons about JunXion and LiSa from Frank Baldé, Robert van Heumen and Daniel Schorno.
Thanks a lot to STEIM and the people of STEIM for their help. I’m looking forward to come back.
Sabine Vogel
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