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february 1, 2008
Götz Rogge and i spent 6 days at STEIM to develop a feedback setup for our ‘of cannibals’ performance/installation. The aim was to create an environment of acoustic entropy. We sampled shorter or longer fragments of speech (and all accidental noise along with them), re-recording them while they played back and repeating that process until the speech was lost in the room resonance. The next fragment would be recorded and treated likewise.
We adjusted the placement of microphones between the speakers, the distance of microphones to the speech source, recording and playback levels … that took a while. The crucial part was that of EQing. Certain frequencies would become very dominant after a while and untreated they would drown all the rest. The ratio of dominant frequencies was mainly 2:3:4 and so on. But when mellowing some dominant frequency too drastically, another, sometimes totally unexpected frequency would sometimes appear.
The whole set-up was at the same time very simple and very complex…
After our days at STEIM, we were joined by Frédéric le Junter for two days of rehearsal at puntWG where we performed the thing on january 30 and 31. Many thanks to STEIM for the use of rooms and material!
Tobias Klein

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