John Richards > Unlearn – Re-wire: ephemeral musical devices

The Kreepback instrument is an assemblage of self-built sound generating devices and discarded analogue audio hardware patched together to create a feedback labyrinth: in its hermetically sealed universe, sound creeps back on itself. Found objects such as a meat mincer/grinder, candlesticks, wooden sculptures and teapots are all used to steer and control the feedback. Since 2000 the instrument has gradually evolved. It is an instrument, or system, constantly changing, being upgraded, modified and refined. The instrument was initially developed through working with the group Kreepa, hence the name Kreepback, and as an electronic device for improvisation and live performance. Due to the constant states of flux of the instrument, the Kreepback is more an approach or attitude, a ‘non-instrument’, rather than a musical instrument that is defined by set parameters. My residency at STEIM focused on further exploring and developing a musical approach and language, which I have called ‘dirty electronics, through the Kreepback instrument/non-instrument. ephemeral_musical_devices.pdf

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