Oscar Ramos> Feedback Installation and alternative PCB for Cracklebox

I came to STEIM invited by Dan Wilcox to make an artistic residence from October the 1st to Oct the 15th. The idea of my project was to create circuit electronics with integrated drawings in the printed boards.The fist attempt of my project is the drawing of a landscape with the schematic of a simple volume meter that was created for a sound installation in Linköping, Sweden.

Fascinated by the aesthetics of electronic circuit boards, it was until i start building my custom circuit electronics, that i got familiar with the PCB etching technique. For this project i used laminates coated with UV sensitive photoresist. To produce a working printed circuit board the track pattern is imaged on the laminate using UV light, the photoresist is then developed and acid chemicals is used later to etch away the unrequired copper.

At STEIM i was able to develop two projects:

  1. Feedback installation : Two audio amplifiers ( one with a medieval image of Jesus Christ and the other from a demon) are connected together to build a sound installation that works with the principles of audio feedback both in a technical and a conceptual way.
  2. An alternative printed board for Michel Waisvisz cracklebox: Build with the depiction of a Medusa, the new cracklebox is designed to be played by worms.

I would like to thank the people from STEIM (especially to Takuro Mizuta who helped me even on weekends!) for all his help and support. I must say that the outcome of this project it’s going be the construction of a feedback installation ( with 6 audio amplifiers) for a live performance plus some alternative designs for different custom electronics.

Feedback Installation slides:








Watch video

Alternative design for Cracklebox:




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