Goska Isphording / Kasia Glowicka / Mathis Nitschke @ STEIM in May

Harpsichordist Goska Isphording, visual artist Mathis Nitschke and composer Kasia Glowicka worked on the piece ‘Quasi Rublev’, a multimedia work in three acts inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s film “Andrei Rublev”.
We have concentrated during those three days on live manipulations with harpsichord sounds. It was quite interesting to try different types of microphones. We decided to use transducer microphone for some parts of the performance. Also, we were able to hear and experiment with the spatial aspect of the performance with quadraphonic setup. For the premiere we will probably use 8 channels.
First try out will take place in September 2007 at Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Big thanks for STEIM letting us work in their studios.

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