Lydwine van der Hulst / Wire instrument

The aim of my last residency at Steim (1-5 mai 2007) was

– programming in Lisa and Junxion
– defining what I can do with audio stream, how I can modulate, manipulate, sample sounds
– redesigning the cursor to incorporate buttons and a wireless microphone
– finding solutions through Junxion and Lisa to approach live composition
– continuing the research around the gesture and movement

First I tried to build a simple program in Junxion to allow me to use the wire like a slider.
Then I tried several ways to use the slider by using the wire differently by controlling it through tables in Lisa…

I want to work with 4 different sources: samples, streams, the resonance of the wire and my voice.
Each source will have a different role and different treatments in the compositions I’m writing for my performance.
This got me to work on presets and several scenarios and configurations of Lisa and Junxion, in a way for me of writing and composing music.
I also tackled the issues of live sequencing, recording and data coordinating in Lisa, these are things that I would like to develop and learn more about, to allow me a better and more accurate control of time and rhythm.

In order to define the buttons functions and utilities, I did several tests and manipulations with a wireless joystick. This convinced me of their necessity, and developing them and redesigning the cursor will be a major step in pursuing the project (the buttons are to change presets, to trigger sounds, to refresh the copy of the buffer…)

The workshop end of May will be a very important stage of development too.
On this workshop, the points I would like to push further are the following:
– how to establish and work on multiple predefined scenarios and compositions in Lisa that will allow a more expressive and accurate performing.
– how to master time elements, tables and patterns in order to play rhythmical scenarios.
– how to use acceleration parameters in Junxion and how can I have a better control and know-how of the scale operations in it.

A shift is currently occurring on the level of my music writing and ways of composing and performing. They are strongly based and attached to Lisa and Junxion, and on a long term level, my aim is to gain enough knowledge and experience to become autonomous in developing musical and performing ideas with them.
I definitely hope that the coming workshop will aim these objectives too.

The next steps in the development of my project are:
– starting to develop more scenarios and compositions for this device and performance
– developing the work with voice and its live treatments and sequencing
– continuing to elaborate and question the work on audio streams
– thinking of new analogies and uses of the role of the wire
– customising the cursor by reshaping it and by adding buttons

Looking forward to seeing you by the end of this month, and to read your comments over my ideas and suggestions.
I hope this project will still benefit from Steim’s support.



Lydwine is part of Locus Sonus.

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