Alessandro De Francesco / lo spostamento degli oggetti

One of my main interests consists in creating an interaction between poetry and digital sound art. I am presently working at a performance whose task is to present my book of poems “lo spostamento degli oggetti”, that will be published in italian in september 2007. During the reading of the poems, I will treate and superpose my reading voice using real-time and played back recordings either, routing the sound in a quadraphonic surround environment.
The STEIM Orientation Workshop I attended at (27 february – 5 march 2007) gave me the possibility of discovering a lot of new features, from an artistic as well as from a technical point of view. As a software, LiSa allows the performer to load, play and modify several samples at the same time, which is perfect for my purpose: through LiSa I could read and perform my poems simultaneously. I also succesfully tried to make LiSa interact with Digital Performer and with IRCAM softwares that I often use, like AudioSculpt and Diphone Studio. Another important aspect to me has been STEIM’s attention for hardware and external controls, so that interfaces are no more considered as controllers, but as extensions of live performing activity. I believe that this issue is a path in order to give the performance a complete and rich artistic expression. And finally, the exchange with STEIM personnel brought my perspective to the aesthetical possibilities of voice spectrum analysis, which I am trying to explore now on the material that I recorded in Studio II, whose dry acoustic allowed me to get some high quality voice samples.

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