Jorge Isaac / PANOPTICON – interdisciplinary performance

“He who is subjected to a field of visibility, and who knows it,
assumes responsibility for the constraints of power; he makes them play spontaneously upon himself; he inscribes in himself the power relation in which he simultaneously plays both roles; he becomes the principle of his own subjection.”
(Foucault, Michel. 1975. Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison)

PANOPTICON is an interdisciplinary performance for three dancers, a
musician, image and space, inspired by the texts of Michel Foucault on the
nature of power. The performance is about power’s mechanisms, it’s inevitable shifts and it’s incorporation into the Body.

PANOPTICON reveals a layered power game- play versus reality, dance
versus music, individual versus system. In and around a spatial figure with
variable boarders, sound, movement and images show the intense struggle of the performers between the freedom of expression and disciplinary power.
This struggle provides the spectacle, full of auditory and visual details – an exciting and dazzling total theatre.

concept: Jorge Isaac & Nikolaas Vande Keere * music: Roderik de Man * choreography: Jack Gallagher * blockflutes & electronics: Jorge Isaac *dance: “Bodies Anonymous” (Peter Cseri, Jack Gallagher, Kelly Hirina) * spatial concept: UR architects/Nikolaas Vande Keere * video: Arnoud Noordegraaf * light design & head technician: Vincent van Roon * production: Visisonor Media Productions (2007)

A M S T E R D A M (NL)
02 maart ’07, 20:30 uur (première)
03 maart ’07, 20:30 uur
04 maart ’07, 20:30 uur
Melkweg Theater
Reserv. 020- 531 81 81 of
Amsterdams Uitburo (0900-0191)

R O T T E R D A M (NL)
21 maart ’07, 20:30 uur
Theater Lantaren/Venster
Reserv. 010- 277 22 77

D E N H A A G (NL)
09 mei ’07, 20:30 uur
Theater De Regentes
Reserv. 070- 363 77 98

M O S C O W (RU)
30 March ’07, 19:00 hrs
Moscow International
Performance Arts Center
Reserv. +7 (495) 730 10 11

C H E L J A B I N S K (RU)
01 April ’07, 19:00 hrs
Cheljabinsk Philharmony
Reserv. +7 (351) 266 17 34

E K A T E R I N B U R G (RU)
02 April ’07, 19:00 hrs
Sverdlovsk State Philharmony
Reserv. +7 (343) 371 66 83

M A G N I T O G O R S K (RU)
04 April ’07, 19:00 hrs
Pushkin Drama Theatre
Reserv. +7 (3519) 37 52 61

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