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Sakhiri-“TRANSGENDER DIARIES”- is an interdisciplinary performance and installation exploring gender de/construction with members of the Hijra community (traditional transexual and transgender community of India ) and gender variants individuals in Bangalore , South India.

DrFloy aka Floy Krouchi presents the project “TRANSGENDER DIARIES”-Sakhi Ri in its 3rd stage of production where the project is presented as an interactive and multi-media installation including Audio and Video, exhibition of photographs, and conceived like a sensory and intimate room : an interactive dispositive contained in an unified space

At the heart of SAKHIRI project, lie themes such as identity, body, gender and sexuality that are central to contemporary culture.
The installation explores:
The body as a site narration, of on-going metamorphosis and mutation, under the form of a tryptique: intimate body, social body and ritual body.
Individual and collective techniques and strategies of living / survival / resistance being queer, being a foreign body.
A socially apprehensible citizen is a collection of physical and discursive elements… The discursive part of the package, including meaning ascribed to the physical body, is produced by means of inscription, such as legal, medical and psychological text. Because so much of such an identity is discursive, it seems reasonable to call it a legible body- that is textually mediated physically. Legible body displays the social meaning of body inscribed on its surface, presenting a set of cultural codes that organize the ways the body is understood and that determine a range of socially appropriate responses.[1]
[1] Sandy Stone, ‘Split Subjects, Not Atoms; or, How I Fell in Love with My Prosthesis’, The Cyborg Handbook
As artist interested in the interface between art and technology, DrFloy proposes to explore live real-time audio/video controlled environments using a system of sensors and sensor box worked out in STEIM during the residency:
An investigation, through real time manipulation of sounds, field recording, interviews, images, poetry and narratives collected in India, on the processes of the transformation and metamorphosis.
contact: drfloy@yahoo.com
ABOUT “SAKHIRI”, a multimedia creation in India : 2005-2007
this project has been conceived as an interdisciplinary, process based collaboration between DrFloy and Indian artists Sumathi ( Hindustani classical vocals), Tejal Shah and Natasha Mendonca (video art), along with members of the hijra (transsexual) community and gender variant individuals from Bangalore . All the work during the residency was conceptualized to be presented as a performance tour, Sakhiri. The working methodology employed is unique, melting poetics with narrative; creative workshops, interviews, real life documentation and community living with the participants of the project generated the foundational material from which the artists have responded.
The first workshop explored chilhood experiences, process of transformation, present life and future hopes producing testimonies, poetry on body change, love, violence, narratives exploring the urban space of the city and the location of hijras within it, songs about family & societal oppression/acceptance, drawings and performances.
The second workshop, dedicated to video and representation , conceived with Tejal and film maker Natasha Mendonca and based on the poetic images and associations generated by the participants during the first workshop, was at the heart of video art created.
From this material , myself and Sumathi have been composing: electronic treatments, beats, experimental soundscapes , hindustani classical alaaps and ragas , sculpting themes and emotions, building an intimate fluid relation between sound compositions and video art, intricate narratives dealing with the particularity of the hijra context,dissonance and gender de/construction.
Five shows of Sakhiri were presented at Alliances françaises de Bangalore, Pune , Bombay , India in March-April 2005. Composed of seven thematic pieces the performance toured along with the involved artists and participants of the workshops.
The participants of the project from the community are : Anand, Kajol, Famila, Revathi, Sanjana, Sneha, Sonu, Sowmya, Suma and Sunil
Featuring artists are: Hamsa Molini, Gail Hart, Ramkrishna, Usha BN and Saraswati.
performance, installation et projections:
-13/01/07: Theatre de l’ogresse , 4 rue des prairies , 75020 Paris
-19/01/07: O’Kubi , 207 rue st Maur, 75010 Paris
-16/12-25/02/07: “SEX WORK”, collective exhibition, Art Mythos Reality, NGKB exhibition Neue Gesellschaft f¸r bildende Kunst e.V Oranienstra_e 25 – 10999 Berlin
-Sept/october 2007: exposition collective CARAaCARA, “Narrativos de Genero”, Miami , USA. Commissaire Fefa Vila.
-18 mars 2006: LO BOLEGASON, centre multimedia
6, 7 mai 2006 : PROLOGUE II, Projection “SAKHIRI”: Video installation
-25 mai-2 juillet 2006: Centro de historia de Zaragossa, exposition EN LA FRONTERA: Identidad y Genero: ´MIDDLESEX’: exposition collective: commissaire Fefa Vila et Dilettantes-
“SAKHIRI-TRANSGENDER DIARIES II”: Installation Audio + video
– 10 juin : MIDDLESEX, Sexual politics and cultural production. Conference “SAKHIRI: “Trans/cultural practices: exploring subjective experiences and gender de/construction with the Hijra and khoti family in Bangalore, South India “, a presentation of the project.
-29 septembre/ 5 octobre 2006: ” En bordure …de l’identité”, vidéo projection SAKHIRI “The City”, Le peuple qui manque, le Lieu de l’Autre, Arcueil.
-20 octobre 2006: VidÈo projection Sakhiri II, Les Frigos, programmation Musiques et Cultures Digitales/ Girls at Work.
-9 dec 2006 : SAKHIRI II Exhibition and video installation, Paris experimental Sound/ IVY Gallerie 25, rue Keller 75011 Paris
-21 dec 2006: Sakhiri live electro + Video Art- OPA , 12, rue Biscornet, Heaven, Indian Serenade Night .

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