STEIM is developing:

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A platform for Sound art

Lab: Experimenting together with sound and music
Stage: Concerts, debates and seminars
Museum+: Permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and work in progress
Academy: Classes and workshops
Restaurant: Working together also means eating and drinking together
Guesthouse: Artists in residence can stay the night
Meeting place: You never know who you’ll meet
Exhibition space: To create is to show

On january the 23rd of 2016 Steim kicked off the season with a presentation of artworks and performances blurring the lines between instruments and installations, our first TONE related projects.
The next day Steim presented another ASK Steim event, related to our development of a new platform for Soundart: TONE. But of course a platform is nothing without exciting new artworks to develop and present. We invite you to tell us about the projects you are developing and try to give you some pointers how to turn a good idea into a funded artwork.

More (dutch language) info about TONE can be found here, including examples of artists that are working on Sound Art.