Orientation Sessions (not used anymore)

STEIM orientation sessions are a learning and networking opportunity for artists. They are meant as an introduction to STEIM, to our staff, our motivations and ways of working, and are an ideal first contact between artists and STEIM. Not only for you to meet us, but for us to meet you.

Orientation - Collaborations

Orientation sessions are held roughly twice a year, with a typical session lasting three days and beginning on a monday. Each session features a casual program of discussions and technology demonstrations by STEIM staff and by artists within the STEIM network. Through these talks we hope to give participants insight into the history and context of work at STEIM, the philosophies and artistic necessities at play, and to provide the opportunity to meet like-minded musicians and artists.

Participants are encouraged to use their time in Amsterdam to study and explore the possible technical and artistic means available at STEIM for a potential future project (for example, a compositional work or an electronic performance instrument).

To apply please send an email to knock [at] steim [dot] nl with your motivation accompanied by your resumé, bio and links to audio/visual materials online.

For dates of upcoming orientation sessions please see the workshops page.