Electropiepen Club (not used anymore)

The Electro Piepen Club (Electro Squeak Club) is an alternative music school held on sundays at STEIM. It consists of series of one-hour sessions, each focussed on a different notion of sound and technology. Each of these ideas are explored by building and playing instruments. The individual sessions are centered on DIY electronics, understanding sound manipulation, playing together, and music production. The sessions are cross-overs between musical knowledge (what is pink noise?) to more technical knowledge (how does a microphone work?) and making stuff yourself (noise makers or simple oscillator synths). The main underlying lesson is that we can build our own technology and begin to think of musical sound in broader terms. The Electro Squeak Club is conducted in an open friendly club environments. The kids who participate gain an understanding of electronics and electronic music and the experience forms a counterpoint to most traditional education in both technology and music.

There are three types of sessions, suitable for children of different ages and interest:

  • Acoustic. Recommended for age 5 and up. These session are focused on talking about sound and playing and making your own acoustic instruments: canjos, kazoos, whistles, slinky reverbs, rain tubes etc.
  • Analog. Recommended for age 7 and up. Sessions can include building simple electronic instruments like the little drummer bot, exploring the electronic music possibilities of the ‘no-input’ mixer and turntabalism.
  • Digital. Recommended for age 10 and up. This is an opportunity to use several sessions to build one digital project. The children will learn to use breadboards, solder and sensors.

The session are conducted by STEIM staff and guests.
IMPORTANT: Advance sign-up is required.
Contact Kristina Andersen for more information by sending an email to kristina[AT]steim[dot]nl

Project initiated by Kristina Andersen, in collaboration with artists Dewi de Vree, Jonathan Reus, Yaniv Schonfeld, Mark Ijzerman, Berit Janssen, and dj sniff.