Crackle Pack Kit

Make your own touchable sound instruments and interactive electronics. Based on the playful and unpredictable circuitry of the original Cracklebox, the Crackle Pack is a DIY electronics kit specially tuned to produce sound by “circuit bending” through direct touch.

The Crackle Pack includes all the necessary parts, including three PCBs which can all be interconnected using the included headers.

1. The basic circuit PCB – this holds the battery and essential circuitry and can be used on its own

2. A solder-less and solder-yes prototyping board for experimentation with different sensors and electronic extensions to the basic circuit

3. A board with the classic Cracklebox six-pad layout for immediate sonic gratification

The prototyping board makes the kit extra hacker-friendly, giving you the chance to experiment by attaching various sensors, conductive materials, resistors, capacitors, and other components to the core amplifier circuit. Metal kitchen ware, pencil lead, water, anything that conducts electricity is fair game. When you touch it, electricity flows through your body and changes the way the circuit behaves. Every body is different, and so the sounds each circuit makes will be different as well!

The Crackle Pack comes un-assembled but is not too difficult to put together if you’re comfortable soldering and can identify common electronics components. An instruction sheet for basic assembly is also included. (Note: Be sure to solder on EITHER the 1M resistor OR the trimpot and not both. We recommend you use the 1M resistor for the classic cracklebox sound.)

The Crackle Pack can be ordered via the STEIM online store